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Our highly customized Minetest server shows that great games don't need to be expensive.

Many mods

A big selection of mods give you a unique experience with a special look and feel.

Play in teams

Bored of playing alone? At ParadoxCraft.de you're part of a team and can play against other teams.


Become part of our community, get help by more experienced players and help newer players or just have fun by talking to others.


Have great adventures in our challenges and win some rare and valuable in-game items.

Become a Gamer

Join our server and have fun! You will never be bored again. It works everywhere: At home on your computer or laptop or outside on your smartphone or tablet. Meet your friends online and build something great in our digital world!

Some screenshots

See some of our greatest in-game attractions and some parts of our landscape.

Sun Homes, Dhaka

Sun Homes, Dhaka

Sun Homes, Dhaka

Sun Homes, Dhaka

Sun Homes, Dhaka

Our achivments

Sometimes a number says more than a thousand words. Here are some statistics of our Minetest server:


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Frequently asked questions
I can't connect to www.paradoxcraft.de. What's wrong?
You can only connect to paradoxcraft.de without the www.
What does the game or the server cost?
It's all completely free and the game is released as free software.
Which devices are supported by Minetest?
Minetest supports Linux,OS X,BSD,Windows and Android
I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
You can reset your password only if you have connected a email address.
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